Another extremely talented designer by the name of Saad Moosajee has volunteered to create an exclusive wallpaper for the readers of PsdTuts+. This month’s exclusive wallpaper features a typographical approach to the Tuts+ logo. Saad uses some unique looking techniques to give the simple Tuts+ logo some color and energy, so download the wallpaper and then view some of Saad’s other art.

About the Artist

About the Artwork

When creating this wallpaper, I wanted to give a minimalistic feeling so that it flowed naturally on the users desktop, while also giving the focal point some complexity so that the viewer would not get bored after looking at it for a few days. To do this I created each letter individually via the 3D software Cinema 4D.

I chose this particular color scheme because my last few works have been a little dark, so I thought doing this rainbow-esque combination would be more unique. I completed this wallpaper over the period of two weeks, as I wanted to make sure each letter fit the picture before continuing on to the next.

Some of Saad’s Other Work



</p>At Twilight

Special Thanks to Saad

Once again I’d like to thank Saad for participating and giving the readers an awesome new wallpaper for their desktops. Please make sure to visit Saad’s portfolio’s and check out some of his great art.

Also stay tuned for some more exclusive high quality wallpaper projects in the near