Errors don’t need to be ugly. On the Web, any links that are broken result in a 404 Not Found error message. There are two ways you can address this issue when your user navigates towards a broken link.

Option 1: Present the user with an old and boring default error page, which displays no information other than "There’s an error."

Option 2: The second solution is to present them with a custom error page design that can suggest alternative things they can see or do in order to resolve their problem.

Which one do you think is better? Obviously, the second option.

Here is a collection of 30 beautiful and creative 404 Not Found error message pages.

1. Mark Dijkstra

2. Chris Jennings

3. Carsonified

4. Astuteo

5. daniel karcher

6. HootSuite

7. Mixx

8. Frye / Wiles

9. Wufoo

10. deviantART



13. Future of Web Design

14. Popscreen

15. Twurn

16. Propeller

17. CUOMA Design Studios

18. Product Planner


20. Spreadshirt


22. Club Penguin

23. Jim Cromwell

24. Kochatelier Berlin

25. Acro Media Inc

26. South Park Studios

27. swissmiss

28. Dundee Living


30. iStockphoto

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