Everyone love free fonts. If you want to be a bit different, you can use these creative fonts to make sure that your designs will stand out.

Note: Before using any fonts on your projects, it’s important to read the licensing agreement!

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1. MDRS-FD01

2. Labrat

3. TYPORM01 Round ans Square

4. SquaretypeB

5. Knarf art font

6. Velocity

7. Synthetique

8. Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

9. Giant Head

10. Snickles

11. Times New Yorker

12. Vintage


14. Parallello

15. Karabine

16. Infected

17. Facet

18. Drift Type

19. Multistrokes

20. Cat Basah Kental!!!

21. Que FONTita

22. Confessions

23. Madredeus

24. Vtks Revolt

25. Exus Pilot

26. VAL

27. Outlaw

28. Kilogram

29. Ballpark

30. Orial

Which ones are your favorite? Did you discover any new fonts that you downloaded and will use in your design projects?

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