The Seven Deadly Sins represents vices and tendencies that were believed to be misdeeds in early Christian religion.

The sins are as follows: envy, pride, wrath, sloth, lust, greed, gluttony.

Each sin is said to be represented by a colour. For example, envy is best represented by the colour green, which — in many cultures — is also the symbolic color of money.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to compile a showcase of a few web designs based on the colours reflected by the seven deadly sins.

Note: The web designs featured were used for aesthetic purposes only, not to imply that they characterize the sins.

Green – Envy

Envy is best described as a desire for something more and to covet other people’s belongings and status. The opposite of envy is love.

Bam Creative

Free Gobbler


Violet – Pride

Pride is when a person feels more special or important than others. At its worst, pride is narcissism. The opposite of pride is humility.


Red – Wrath

Wrath can be best described as anger or hatred. It is the polar opposite of kindness.


KMX Karts

The Salon

Light Blue – Sloth

Sloth is the act of being lazy or idle. The opposite of sloth is zeal — or eagerness to achieve something good.

philipp doms


Narhir Design

Blue – Lust

Lust is the act of giving into desire. The opposite of lust is self-control.


Blue Water Productions


Yellow – Greed

Greed is the desire for wealth and status. The opposite of greed is generosity.

Nikon Festival


Champagne Warehouse

Orange – Gluttony

Gluttony is the act of consuming more than you need. The opposite of gluttony is temperance — being disciplined and wise with resources.

Cubicle Ninjas



Why do you think these colours represent their respective sins? What emotions do you feel when seeing these colours in web designs?

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