Every day here at PresidiaCreative, we aim to showcase incredible digital artists who too often fly under the radar and don’t receive the recognition that their work merits.* Continuing this tradition, today we have an absolutely incredible showcase of digital artist Uli Staiger.* Uli is a digital artist, photographer and computer graphics guru from Berlin, Germany.* His skill in combining CG renders with photographed subjects and photomanipulated images makes him one of the most incredible digital advertisement creators in the world.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 45 insane, awesome and down right epic digital artworks from Uli, picked from his gallery located here: http://www.dielichtgestalten.de/

Be sure to check out his full gallery on his site, and he’s even got some learning DVDs available so you can learn some of his techniques.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the post!