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    Icon Page Best of the best, 7 jQuery sliders that will fit your need

    You are searching for jQuery sliders? Search no more, here we have composed a list of the best slider that you can find on the internet. Some of them are free and very customizable and some of them are worth spending some money to achieve your goal.

    This slider offers many different effects, you can use the generator to create your slider so you donít spend a lot of time customizing your options.


    The slider has a lot of cool effects you can get the free version or you can get one of the paid ones. It has very nice documentation and its very easy to implement.


    Slidedeck offers a fully paid version only you have 3 options and tons of cool options and also you get a WordPress plugin for your money.

    Easy Slider

    Itís free and basic, but if you are comfortable with jQuery and you need to extend the slider to create something that you canít find on the internet this is the way to go. We have extended the script in so many ways and it never failed us before.


    Offers a free version for noncommercial usage. There a lot of good examples on the site, good documentation so you donít get lost and most important thing, it can fit in any design.


    Free responsive slider that is very easy to use, it has all the options you will need. It can be used for mobile, it supports touch events if you use jQuery.event.swipe in combination with it.


    Thumbnail preview, cool effects good documentation all you need to implement is just to download the files and take a look at the documentation.

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