Follow an Expert Photo Manipulatorís Workflow

Today our expert members tutorial offers something a little different. We have a real life design casestudy from world renowned designer Wojciech Magierski.
Wojciech has agreed to talk you guys through his typical workflow in the creation of his popular piece ĎVoicesí.
There are plenty of actionable quick tips throughout this tutorial, and beyond that itís really inspiring to see how the proís go about their image creation.
Final Outcome

As always, this is the final image that weíll be creating:

Step 1

I set the canvas to a4 (300 dpi).
The first thing I create is a background. I decided to create a black and white shapes, as it gives our image more contrast.
I take a watercolor brush and start to paint a black area.

Step 2

I duplicate the layer.
On the copied layer I use a pixel effect called Mosaic Ė you can find it on Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic.

Step 3

Here I repeat Step 1.
I create a new layer after creating my mosaic and apply black watercolor markings.

Step 4

Now, I duplicate the new watercolor layer and move it up to make the background design more complex.

Step 5

I start to add more visual elements using the path tool and I experiment with creating some shapes.
You can make a selection and then use a soft paintbrush to vary the tones (mine vary from light gray to black).