Easy List Splitter

Easy list splitter can be very useful when you need to split some lists like some mega menu on the fly. Itís very easy to use *just follow the instruction on the site.
To download the plugin go here.
Wookmark jQuery Plugin

If you are struggling on how to build this kind of a layout take a look at this Jquery plugin.

Check out the demo here.

A useful tooltip plugin that can save you a lot of time when you need to build an app that is using a lot of tooltips.
Take a look at the site here.
jQuery Countdown

The beast free countdown timer. If you are getting your site ready to go live or you have some event in the future you can get this script to countdown the time that is left.
Take a look at the documentation here.
jQuery Validate

Coding a validation for HTML forms can be boring and time consuming. This script will cut the time for coding and make your life better.
Take a look at the site here.

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