In this article I am going to present you one of the best CSS frameworks you can find. When starting a new project as a frontend developer you will always have to face the fact that you will have to write a lot of CSS just to achieve the basic structure of the site. Creating different templates with one or multiple columns can be time consuming, well not anymore. To shorten the time and the testing of the CSS you have done we are going to look over some of the most popular CSS frameworks.
Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap comes with 940 pixel grid system it works in all the major browsers, it has a nice set of predefined UI elements that can come handy. You can customize the framework before you download the files and you can find all the things documented if you run in some problems. Overall I think that this is one of the most compete CSS frameworks you can find on the net.
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*960 CSS Framework

960 is a CSS framework that will ease your effort when working with 960 pixels layout sites and it will provide 12 or 16 column, which can be used separately or in tandem. To find more info go to 960 site and read the documentation and take a look at the demos.
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The Blueprint framework was developed By a student from Norway and this is considered to be one of the strongest CSS frameworks. It offers a CSS platform and typographic grids, the framework aims to considerably reduce the development time. Blueprint offers a user friendly generator that can be used to generate frames based on the width you input. To see more info visit the site.
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Overall using CSS grids can be helpful for big project, it can cut development time and decries the number of cross browser bugs. Always choose wisely do your research before you jump in, sometimes doing it from scratch is the best way to go.