One of the great things about the large design community on the web is that there are a ton of resources, tutorials and friendly people to help out designers. With communities like Dribbble, Behance, and of course, all the web design blogs, there’s always design resources available.
One of the types of resources that is growing in popularity lately is UI kits. UI kits are essentially sets of user interface elements such as buttons, text fields, and other elements that are frequently found on web designs.
In this post, we’ve collected up 30 free UI kits:



The Bricks

Small blue UI KIT

Le Kit

Mani’s UI Kit

Sticky Butterscotch UI Kit

Mini Web UI Set

Passbook UI PSD from iOS6

Grey UI Kit

UI Kit

70+ user interface elements

iPhone iOS 6 GUI PSD

UI-Element Set

ui kit green

Mega-UI Pack 1

Kyle Adam’s UI Example

UI Resource

Light UI Kit

Green web ui set

Dark Amber UI Kit PSD

“Sepia” GUI Elements

iTunes UI Kit

Simple black UI menu

Exclusive UI Kit PSD!

Apple Styled UI Elements


Insta GUI

Dark UI Kit

Vector Keyboard Layout

UI Bundle

Tiny UI Elements

Anarchy UI Kit