Featured Artist: Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts is one of my all time favorite digital artists. You may have seen his work in the Depthcore art collective, or perhaps featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine.
Richard has a huge skillset, and often gives his work a mixed medium approach as a result. His skills involved photo manipulation, digital painting, 3D graphics, typography and illustration. In his portfolio you see a wonderful mix of all of these, as he produces richly varied works.
Often Richard will create stunning lighting effects which he wraps around distressed or emotive subjects. He’ll frequently fragment his subjects using an incredible attention to detail. His portfolio also shows a passion for the surreal, as everything from the human form to gravity is toyed with and converted into stunning, memorable compositions.
I recommend that you go and check out Richards’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.



The XX


Time Code

The Reaper



Tiger Beer



The Jade Elements

Free Flow

Melting Time

A Call From Within


DACS 2010

Golden Leaves


Poseiden’s Grip


Where to Find Richard Roberts on the Web:

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