Featured Artist: Shakil Somir

Shakil Somir is one of the most unique artist’s we’ve featured in this series so far as he is only 14 years old! I don’t want to focus on his age too much though, as this fellow UK-based digital artist has some serious talent.
Shakil produces some truly awesome photo manipulation work, much of which he demonstrates in the speed-videos available on his Youtube page. His photo manipulations often take on an epic nature, as he places intriguing subjects in vast, sprawling landscapes. Whether Shakil produces a stunning space scene, cityscape or journey into nature, his work is beautifully blending and often relies on incredible lighting.
I recommend that you go and check out Shakil’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.

The Amazon




Sky’s The Limit

The World’s Fastest

Developing a Style




Lost Treasures

Revealed Secrets

The Angel’s Causeway

The Unforeseen Future

The Creek

The Archer

The Mystical


Where to Find Shakil on the Web:

If you’d like to explore more of Shakil’s work then you can check out his various online hangouts: