Learn Digital Portrait Painting by Drawing a Beautiful Woman From Scratch

Today’s advanced Photoshop tutorial will teach you digital portrait painting by showing you how to draw a beautiful woman from scratch using Photoshop.
Final Image

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

Resources Used In This Tutorial

Step 1

This image is painted in photoshop by using graphic pen tablet in which several digital painting techniques and fundamentals are involved.
Hence, before we start painting let’s have a look about some basic fundamentals. In a digital painting three basic elements are:
Light: To add lightness to the scene.
Shadow: To add depth and shadows to the scene.
Blending: To add smooth blending to the scene.

Step 2

Create a new document of dimension 1920 x 1080 pixels, select a brush of size 2 pixels, press F5 and change the brush setting mentioned below:
Other Dynamics; Opacity Jitter – 0%, Flow Jitter – 0%.

Step 3

Start drawing outline of the face, you can take any image for reference for it. Don’t spend too much time to add details, a rough sketch will work and we will get enough time to add details. Set background color other than grey like #a49a92.

Step 4

Select a large brush of color #e6cbb0 and fill the color in the face. Next, select a brush of size 30 pixels & color #62463b and start adding shadows to the face. Now change the brush color to #f6e7c8 and add lights to the face.

Step 5

Now select a brush of size 35 pixels with following settings:
Shape Dynamics:
minimum diameter – 70%, Control – Pen Pressure. Set size jitter, angle jitter and roundness to 0%.
Next start blending lights and shadows, change the brush size when needed to get smooth skin shading. The result may look like this: