When designing a website, some of the most popular styles are based off black or white backgrounds. Usually this offers the most contrast, and it works well with almost any colors. Additionally, many sites that help you build your own site will recommend this particular scheme. If youíre looking for a place like this so that you can build your own site, you can check website builder reviews for sites like Website Builders World and see which has the features you want.
Some designers choose to use just black and white as their design colors, which creates a very clean and elegant look that can be tweaked to give a vintage style or a classy, luxury style.
Hereís some inspiring black and white web designs.
Manuelle Gautrand

Alfred Dunhill

Fearon Hay Architects

Berger & Fohr

TIGI Professional



One Darnely Road


The Great Discontent

Silo Theatre

The Letter D

Bruno Zalum

Alison Shurville


Emil Olsson

The Inside Source

Not Pretty

Ork Posters

Tim Bjorn