Texture is a great way to add a personal touch to your business card. *The easiest way is to just have a cardstock finish that has a grainy or paper texture, as opposed to the traditional gloss or matte business cards.
The other way is to add a more impactful texture, such as a woodgrain, embossed pattern or letterpressed image. *There are a lot of ways to spice up your business card printing but textures are by far the easiest.
Here’s some creative examples of textured business cards:
Chris Cavill Business Card

Business Cards from needoptic

Kaimak Business Cards

IQ Videography’s Business Card from BusinessCardDesignIdeas


Fat Cow

Textured Business Card

Business Card for Todd Lasher

Antique Furniture Business Card from inkdphotos

Business Card for Younique

Ink Pixel Paper Letterpress

Business Card for Projekt, Inc

Business Card

Clint Shuttlesworth Photography business card

Textured Business Cards

Textured Business Card

MK Media Business Cards


Business Card

Business Card for Sarah Powers Media

Round Corner Textured Card