Featured Artist: Tom Jüris

Tom Jüris is a talented 19 year old designer from China. Considering his young age it’s incredible how many complex, stunning works Tom has amassed. Tom’s work often combines elements of photography, illustration and digital art.
Several common themes run throughout Tom’s work, including the surreal and bizarre. His photo manipulation work often features strange landscapes, or contorted figures. There are elements of Dali influence trailing throughout his portfolio, and he captures the medium incredibly well.
Most notable in Tom’s work is the attention he gives to every element of his piece. He will never create a stunning central figure, and then place it over a plain background. Rather, he will strive to imbue each elements of his piece, from background, to individual objects with a great deal of care and a stunning attention to detail.
I recommend that you go and check out Tom Jüris’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.

Time Waster




The Core


Wonderful Nightmare

Future Skill


Design Starts in Your Head

Another One

My Vision of the Afterlife



Where to Find Tom Jüris on the Web:

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