Featured Artist: Pierre Alain D

Pierre-Alain is a web designer and graphic artist from France. His work often features dark subject matters and surreal conceptions. He seems to often focus on the macabre, which he captures beautifully in his elaborate, emotive compositions.
Pierre-Alain has a wide skill-set, often incorporating elements of photo manipulation, digital painting and illustration into his work. As a result his portfolio is incredibly varied and intriguing. We can see everything from graphical representations of Death to surreal, paradoxical landscapes.
Pierre-Alain’s work is really detailed, and has plenty of depth. He often adds subtle touches, multi-layered textures and interesting lighting to make his pieces more unique.
I recommend that you go and check out Pierre-Alain’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.

Black Empire

Gates of Atlantis

Vengeance for the Angels

Time to Revive

A Rite for the Moon

Moment of Truth


Inner Strength






There We Were


Nefertem Valley

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