Featured Artist: Giampaolo Miraglia

Giampaolo Miraglia is a really unique, talented digital artist from Rome, Italy. His work often uses a futuristic style, featuring geometric shapes, bold lighting and other elements of the retro futurism style. Giampaolo is well known for integrating 3D designs and figures into his Photoshop work, which often adds another layer of depth and detail to his awesome designs.
Giampaolo frequently features human protagonists in his work, and regularly places them in scenes of action or movement. He has an uncanny ability to perfectly capture a moment, however fleeting or rare.
Giampaolo’s portfolio also shows a talent for typographic designs, and he experiments with a diverse range of typography, from 3D models to detailed photo manipulations. This kind of multi-media skillset is what makes him stand out so much as a talented, unique artist.
I recommend that you go and check out Giampaolo’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.


No Man’s Land


Highest Peaks


Celsius 90

The Grid


Bio Type

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

Go Green


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