Featured Artist: Alexis Persani

Alexis Persani is a talented digital artist from Paris. His work generally features around calligraphy and photo manipulation work. He frequently transforms every day scenes into something surreal or extraordinary.
He is probably best known for his photo manipulations, as his finished compositions are polished, professional and extremely striking. His surreal scenes somehow looks incredibly realistic and natural.
His compositions often use a collage style, overlapping multiple visual elements into a layered, complex outcome.
I recommend that you go and check out Alexis Persani’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.

Dangerous Water

Real Human Skin

When Toys Become Real

Baby King

Snakes & Roses


Cupid’s Gift


Abandoned Typo

Save the World

The Secret Passage of the Star

Winta Games

The Good Old Time

Colors of the Amazon

Mangez au moins un fruit par jour…

Ground Zero

Big Jump in the Air

Souvenir d’Afrique…

Where to Find Alexis Persani on the Web:

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