It’s been long time since we updated our blog and we thought that it’d be worth posting inspirational web designs for ourselves and of course for our favorite reader i.e. You! Chicks are synonym for beauty and what*could have been a better way than This post to start the inspirational post series (yes! you’d see lots of inspirational posts in upcoming weeks and they’d be regular)? In this post we found fifteen such designs from the web that would attract girls! Feast your eyes with pure awesomeness & some of the web’s most*beautiful*web designs!*We hope that you like these designs and that you’d love to share your opinion about them!
1. Veerle’s Blog

2. Tracy Apps Design

3. Duirwaigh Studios

4. Design Sponge

5. Jewel Staite’s Blog

6. Pedro Lamin

7. Web Desginer Wall

8. I Love Colors

9. CopyKat Recipes

10. Start Cooking

11. Cult Foo

12. N.Design Studio

13. U.S.E. 19 Clothing

14. Vunky Blog

15. Tut Candy