Celebrity blogging is one type of blogging that attracts lots and lots of attention if done right. Perez Hilton has been one of the biggest success stories not just in ďcelebrity bloggingĒ but overall blogging industry. Celebrities always attract lots of attention and well, a blog about them will surely attract the attention as well and thatís what we love about celebrity blogs, they attract lot of comments and lots of interaction happens among readers .
This triggered the idea of posting a list of celebrity blog & beautiful designs in our ďInspirational blogs & designs seriesď. We thought that it would be cool to post something about celebrities and so here is the*list of the blogs that are popular than even celeb magazines or the ones that even celebs donít miss to read for their daily dose of gossips!
14 Blogs That Even Celebs Donít Miss To Read

1. Iím not obsessed

2. The Superficial

3. Pink is the new blog

4. Celeb Bitchy

5. PopSugar

6. Celebrity Gossip.net



9. The Insider

10. Kim Kardashian

11. The YBF

12. Celeb Now

13. Perez Hilton

14. TMZ