Automotive industry is one of the biggest industry in the world, itís got shine, glamour and best of the lot speed! And for a blog to be successful in automotive blogs category, they need to have all those qualities as well. Today in our inspirational blog design series we bring forward some of the wonderful blogs that are pretty popular in the automotive blog category. In fact, Car Advice Australia blog [number 3 in the list] has been one of the success stories in the blogging world. Hereís a small quote from the interview of Alborz Fallah, owner taken by Yaro Starak, renowned blogging guru.
I donít know how much his blog generates today, but 12 months ago it was making $30,000 a month, so I expect the site generates at least half a million dollars a year now. I do know the site was professionally audited (necessary when you take on capital investors) and valued at 5 million dollars!
Well, thatís quite a motivating story and you should definitely read that interview. Other than that, donít forget to check out the list of great Auto blog!
11 Automotive Weblogs That Are As Beautiful As BMW!

1. Auto Blog

2. Left Lane News

3. Car Adv ice

4. eMercedesBenz

5. German Car Blog

6. Car Throttle

7. Hemmings Blog

8. Road&Track

9. Auto Observer

10. Autosavant

11. Family Car Guide

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