I had some transactions to do on Paypal and I have tried opening it but it simply wont load – nothing happens on the page actually. So I called up my friends in Europe and India and it was the same result for them.
I went to Pingdom and according to it the site is loading but surprisingly it takes 17+ sec – pingdom tests are from US servers – Its night time in US and so I cant confirm this with anybody. Here is the test link.
So I tried to ping and traceroute the site to see the response and make sure that its not only me or the few people I know – here’s the result – the website is actually not loading – it gives me the assumption that the website is down which is highly unlikely as I cant believe that Paypal can be down for an hour – but does this mean Internet Service Provider’s Server issues – and that also simultaneously with so many of them in multiple countries (Macedonia, India, Singapore)!

Maybe some of you can throw some more light to understand this problem! What other test tools are there for a non techie person like me? How do we really find out an issue if our website is down?
Update: After 1+ hour, its still down – same results for everyone I know!
2nd Update: Rankflex says the URL is not valid… hehehe I dont know if we can rely on these online tools or is it something really wrong with ISP’s – Paypal website still not opening by the way – I am giving up checking now and getting back to other work!

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