1. Low Cost to start with:

Its open source and thus the platform itself is free to use and develop on – starting on WordPress is like less than half the cost of custom developing from scratch or using any other robust CMS.
2. Additional Functionality with Plugins:

WordPress community is huge and developing everyday – they contribute in the form of plugins which gives you additional functionality at ease and most of them are free or really low cost. Try to only use plugins which are regularly updated as it means the developer is active and it was not just a onetime thing.
3. Simple to Develop:

In comparison to any other robust Content Management Systems present out there, WordPress has the simplest of the code and is very documented – makes it really easy and simple to start developing on wordpress for anybody.
4. Beautiful Design for Branding:

Because of the flexibility of its code, the framework has no limitations in terms of design as most other CMS’s has – you can do anything to it in terms of design – no limitations really.
5. Fast Launching:

All the above factors makes the site development really fast and save you a lot of valuable time.
6. Themes – multiple prebuilt websites/blogs:

There are a huge bunch of themes available for use – free or low cost. If you are starting with a new concept then you can start with one of them rather going custom to start with – and as you grow and know your business better then you can start customizing – all depends on your business model. Just make sure that the theme you are selecting is not only just good to look at but has the simple management of the functionality in the backend so you can manage it simply (themes are not simply designs but a complete site but most of them available in the marketplace focus only on the design as thats the only thing an average person understands – the frontend).
7. SEO friendly:

It is built to be sear engine friendly – pings every time you do any update on the site. Apart from that there are multiple free plugins available for you to extend the SEO functionality and manage it easily all by yourself.
8. Updated very easily:

WordPress has regular updates and you can simply implement that with click of a button. Even the plugins are the same. So your website is tuned to the latest developments.
9. Easy Content Management:

Writing content in the backend is as simple as writing in MS Word. Also, you can play around with the placement of the features and add new features yourself mostly all by yourself – just make sure that the developer utilizes the power of wordpress when working on your site (making the sections widgetized to the extent possible).
10. WordPress as a Company itself is run by smart innovative people and though it is open source it has a huge funding behind it for them to push developments on the platform itself – if you are a business owner you will understand the importance of this – its not only the product but who is behind it and how much money they have as its not a one day use thing

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