Just added a gravatar.com plug-in for members who happen to have a social network avatar that the prefer to use rather than uploading a new one. It's all pretty automatic so nothing complicated. Members will still have the avatar option in their profiles. What’s the plug-in about you ask? Here is a detailed description of what it does below… also credit to who developed it.

Very simple plug-in you can display a Gravatar icon as default avatar for users that don't have any avatar saved or selected. But if an user has its own avatar, this one will be used instead of Gravatar. So you can continue to use your forum's avatar system, and this plug-in will be used only when an avatar is not present.

The Gravatar is unique and automatically generated based on registration email address chosen by the user. And the avatar created is used in every other website that use this method, like Wordpress blogs.

Users that are registered to gravatar.com can upload their avatar image so that every website that uses Gravatar will display the uploaded personal image! So you can save your personal avatar one time and have it spread everywhere Gravatar system is used.

Developed by: Galerio