History provides us with plenty of winged designs from old air force emblems and pin badges, but more recently we can see designers taking inspiration from military aviation and using the style of winged badges in their logo work to create prestigious designs. This post showcases 30 inspirational examples of modern day logo designs each featuring its own set of illustrated wings.
Get Your Wings by Morgen Allan Knutson

Salon Britori by Chad Riedel

Caruda by Artis Design

CoLab by Rley Cran

Verbo by Nelson Madera

Aquila by Breno Bitencourt

Canada Wings by Ryan Dowdeswell

Emgelic by Oliverakos

Logo with Wings by Jeremy Loyd

Review Heaven by Pablo den Draek

Miles High Lapel Wings by Ryan Riegner

Mia Mirrelli by Nikolay Essence

Wings by Matt Stevens

Atraq by Matt Vergotis

Fallen Angel by Gert van Duinen

The Quest by Arno Kathollnig

G&D Tattoo by Mike Bruner

Winged Beer by Ben Requena

Wings by Andrey Nasonov

Tea Vinci by Tie a Tie

Little Angels by c4creative

Mighty Dream by Eric Grossnickle

The Winged Don by Type and Signs

The New Record by Maciej

Fly Fast Forever by Ross Bruggink

Wingharts by Nicholas Slater

DP Badge by Dusty Pierce

Rebird by Aleksandar Pesevski

Personal Brand by Matt Kersley

California Flight Academy by Kenji Bankhead

Alpha United by Justin Andrew Miller