Dear TotalCG members!
Your participation in the community will now be reflected through the generic title that is assigned to you based on the number of posts you have made. Please note that posts in some particular areas of forum do not add to your post count. This is done to ensure that the noisiest ones don't become sages That is not how that works in real life, and it will not work here

The current list of titles is as follows:

Fresh Blood
Community Resident
Community Member
Community Activist

The exact post requirement is subject to change and will not be posted until finally decided upon. We're trying to make sure that it is neither very hard nor very easy to go through the ladder of titles. We will observe for a while, trying understand were moderation lies. Remember, moderation is always the best way to go
In addition to simply being the indicator of your participation in the community life, bearers of the higher-ranked titles will get some privileges. For instance, all Community Activists and above will receive increased voting power in deciding on community-related issues, such as adding/removing forum features, assigning people to particular roles, etc. In such voting, Residents and Members will have one vote. Activists will have 2, Alderpersons - 3, Elders - 4, and Sages - 5*.
There will be additional privileges added later on, and we would like to give you a chance to suggest what those might be! Post a response here as to what you think may be a good reward for active community participants, and we will consider it. Also, if you have any other suggestions regarding titles (adding some more, or, perhaps, removing some) and other recognition, you're more than welcome to share them here. Please, no off-posting

*Increased voting power will not be recognized in the Court House, where people may vote to decide on the verdict of the issue in question. "One person - one vote" is the rule for the Court House.

Truly Yours,