If you are a part of this rat race going on, you might be aware of the fact that you are not responsible only for the duties assigned to you at the time of joining. With the passage of time you will have to wear of change several occupational hats and perform other duties as well. Obviously, you cannot be a perfectionist at everything but there is nothing wrong in trying something new and learning it. These days a lot of softwares and online tools are also available to make things easier for the people who are handling multiple responsibilities at work. Softwares have been invented to make things simpler and easier for people who are working on multiple things. Finding the right one is your task and with some good research it is not really that hard.
If you are into sales, marketing or designing industry, you will constantly have to generate invoices for your sales. Since, sending quotations and invoices is an important part of your work; you need to find proper software for invoicing so that things become easier for you. You can find a lot of free online applications which can help you in designing templates for invoicing. However, restricting yourself to these online applications is not a very good idea. The only thing that should be restricted is your budget. In order to make invoicing process easy, you need to find a permanent solution for yourself and it should definitely not be an online invoicing company as they aren’t safe as well. Just think for a moment if these websites get hacked, all of your personal information would be public. Following points will help you make a decision regarding your invoicing confusion:
Analyze the characteristics

Mostly softwares will offer following characteristics:
  • You need to find software that will not charge you for any updates. Updates should be free however, you should be buying a new one if they upgrade a version for instance from 2-3.
  • These softwares might require some programming.
  • You will have to buy the subscription for an entire year.
Now, you need to expand your search a little more. Buying a yearly subscription is not a great idea if you are trying to save money. There are various kinds of online invoicing available. It can be either server based or computer based.
Server Based Invoicing

You will find a variety of server based invoicing applications and they will have their own pros and cons. Server based applications such as Bamboo Invoice are good but they will not allow you any sort of customization. In comparison to bamboo invoices, simple invoices allow you a complete customization. As we all know that there are pros and cons attached with everything so let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of server based invoicing:
  1. If you cannot afford to pay, you should go for server based invoicing as they are completely free and at times, free options are the best options.
  2. You will be free to send your invoice with the help of a computer and internet.
  3. Do not get scared of PHP coding in order to update these applications. Such applications save you from all kinds of hassle with an auto-update feature.
  4. These softwares will work on any machine with an internet be it your phone and desktop.
  1. Since they are free, you will not be getting a lot of required features.
  2. Since they are server based, they depend on your web hosting server. If your web hosting server is in trouble, consider yourself in trouble.
  3. They are not very user friendly and easy to install. You need to install them on server and unless you are totally aware of what to do and how to do, you should not be doing it on your own. You will have to hire someone.
  4. If it gets hacked, all your personal, professional and client’s information will be available for the hacker.
Computer-based invoicing applications

The best software is the one which allows you customization and you should be able to send the invoice via software itself. You will find some really good software who are developed by UK. Softwares like SliQ tools are one of the best softwares for invoicing. There are a few others as well such as Express invoice. Again, computer based invoicing application has its pros and cons as well.
Offline Based invoicing

A good research will help you in finding some great offline based softwares. Let us take a look at advantage and disadvantages of offline based invoicing:
  1. You will only have to pay for the major upgrade. These softwares will not be charging anything for the available updates.
  2. As mentioned earlier, they allow you template’s customization.
  3. You can send Invoices online via software itself with the help of online integration.
  4. It also offers offline capability which means you can use any system to send your invoices if there are issues with your own system.
  1. If you are looking for something free, this software is not for you. Even the one with the minimum amount is for $40 so offline based invoicing softwares might cost you a lot.
  2. You will only be able to update the software. However, for every major upgrade, you will have to pay again.
  3. The software has the ability to be installed in only one computer.
  4. Such softwares are not very simple so for someone who is not really tech savvy, this can be a lot of trouble.
Final Thoughts

You have all the advantages and disadvantages in front of you. If you want to choose the right software for yourself, you will have to do some good researching on your own as well in order to be able to find the right one for you. It is not easy to find the right software but once you analyze your own requirements, you should go on with your research. The best thing you can do to make a decision is try out the demos of the softwares available so that you can get an idea if you are able to use them or not.
Being comfortable with the software is very important. Especially for the designers, who develop flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards and calendars on daily basis and also get their printing done, invoicing is a must to keep up with the daily billings. Keeping a track of your generated invoices is very important for your own business so you need to find software which is secure and capable of keeping a track record for your invoices. Paper work is not a very good idea since you cannot be sure of your record is safe on a few pages. Also, your mind is not capable of keeping so many things in it. So these softwares can be of great help in keeping a record of your business.
Buying the right software for yourself should be your decision because you will be using it. No one would be aware of your requirements so selecting software’s responsibility should be on you and not anyone else. Go ahead; grab yourself nice software for keeping a record of invoices. It is entirely up to you if you want to keep a record online or offline – whatever suits you the best!
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