Every business needs to have an ideal set of branding materials that can speak about what they offer. From envelopes to hang tags, these print products should appropriately represent what your company stands for.
Simple yet effective tools that can create a good impression to your target audience are letterheads. These are custom papers designed with your company name, logo and contact numbers and are used for business mailing.
The effectiveness of the letterhead as a branding tool depends on the colors used on the design. Matching the colors with your company’s image helps you distinguish your letterheads from the rest. This way, when people see your letterheads, they will immediately think of your company.
Still, it would be best if you would have samples to guide you in designing your letterheads. Below is a compilation of letterhead designs that have wonderfully played with colors to create a lively and fun mood.

Use these samples to come up with your creative letterhead design. Just consider what your customers would think about when they see your letter and you won’t go wrong in planning how your letterhead should look like.

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