The bank vault is a symbol of security and longevity. But as the past few years have shown, banks are fallible. They close branches, stop servicing customers in certain regions, or just like Bearn Stears, implode on themselves and go bust. So what happens to the steel reinforced chambers that once housed the savings of so many? Well, some of them are left to rust away over time. But others are renewed and serve a new purpose, often far removed from the thing they were originally designed for. So here are some of the best images of disused and renovated bank vaults we could find.

Yorkshire Bank Sorting Office [Leeds, UK]

Bodie [California]

National Provincial Bank [Cardiff, Wales]

Dick Doherty’s Beantown Comedy Vault [Boston, MA]

Hard Rock Vault [London]

Dominion Bank Building [Toronto]

Rhyolite [Nevada]

Chancery Lane Safe Deposit [London]

San Diego Trust and Savings Bank [San Diego, CA]