The Art & Design Inspiration fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that Iíve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from El Grand Chamaco, Graham Erwin, Erik Marinovich, James White and Metric72.


Chilanga Banda

<ahref=""><imgsrc="" alt="" title="1" width="450" height="614" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3530" />

Embassy Shirt

<ahref=""><imgsrc="" alt="" title="2" width="450" height="662" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3531" />

Positive Profanity Series No.1

<ahref=""><imgsrc="" alt="" title="3" width="450" height="389" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3532" />

Action Thriller 4

<ahref=""><imgsrc="" alt="" title="4" width="450" height="450" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3533" />

Vacuum is not Empty

<ahref=""><imgsrc="" alt="" title="5" width="450" height="658" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3534" />