A simple definition of Space art is that it is a form of art associated with outer space. Visualised through their creations, artists have taken us in to space long before space craft landed there.* These artists have been inspired with the ideas and knowledge of the unknown universe that surrounds us.

They are using the cosmos to visualise and promote space travel in unique and beautiful ways.* Every artist appears to have their own stylistic path but all have the power to inspire.

From stars, galaxies, planets, detailed air craft, Space art varies from hard-edged graphic arts realism to fine art abstractionism. Regardless of the style all are truly unique, detailed and breathtaking images that open our eyes to the beauty of the unknown above us.

Below are 23 examples of space art that illuminates special excitement, dark mystery and colourful attraction of the cosmos.

Somewhere in Space

Souls in Space

Lost in Space

Space: 1-X

Space Scene 2 – Barren Region

Doom WP: Space art

Deep Space

Morning Dew

Space art: IV



Space art

Time, Place and Space

Back in Space

Welcome to Gezal

Space Nebula

Space art ii

Space Motion

The dark moon

Soeldner X 2 – Ingame art 9

Silent Mountains

All alone in space and time

The Bringer of Jollity