Book cover design has a few certifiable rock stars.* The rock stars are the designers that make us reach for a book.* Something about their work draws us in.* Their individual styles are often as recognizable as the author’s whose books their work covers.* This ability to cause a consumer to reach for a volume is incredibly vital when it comes to driving book sales, especially sales of a work by a new author.* Below are works by four of today’s design superstars – between them, they have quietly revolutionized a fascinating niche in the design world.

Chip Kidd

Arguably the most famous book cover designer working today, Chip Kidd is the Associate Art Director at Alfred A. Knopf in New York.

John Gall

John Gall is the Art Director for Vintage and Anchor Books, and is the other rock star in the world of cover design for fiction and nonfiction.*

Darrell K. Sweet

Darrell K. Sweet is an illustrator, rather than a designer.* However, his illustrations for science fiction and fantasy have become synonymous with bestseller, and the New Jersey-based artist has created the cover art for every major fantasy writer since the 70s.


Christian Fuenfhausen

The YA book market has exploded in the last 10 years, and one of its most prolific and sought after designers is New York-based designer, Christian Fuenfhausen.* Formerly the Senior Designer at Puffin Books, the young adult fiction arm of Penguin Books, Christian Fuenfhausen now works for his own firm, CEF Design.