When it comes to blogging, WordPress is one of the best platforms to go for. You will not have to go through any sort of tagging or publishing issues. The best thing about WordPress is that it gives you two options to publish your article. You can either publish it as a post or you can publish it as a page. There is a slight difference between both. Pages are static and you can publish them without going up and down on your blog however, posts go up on your blog. Just as business cards are a must have for any entrepreneur, these pages are a must have for your blog readers.

It is entirely up to you to make a choice between page and post. However, if you decide to use pages, there are a few types of pages that every blogger should consider and every blog should have them. Following are a few pages that can play a good role in healthy development of your blog:

‘About’ – tell about yourself

Whenever you visit a website of a blog you will always see an ‘About Us’ or ‘About Me’ page. This is one of the important pages and every website or blog should have it. This page helps visitors in getting an idea about the owner of the website or blog. Your background could be one of the main reasons why anyone would subscribe to your blog. So, as a blogger your blog should consist a page about you from which users can get an idea about your background.

‘Contact Us’ – connect you with your readers

There should always be an option to contact the owner of a blog. If you are not giving your visitors a platform to contact you, you would be missing out on a lot. Visitors always feel good if they have an option to provide their feedback or ask any queries. If you do not have a contact page, you will be disappointing your visitors. A reader should be able to contact you privately and by giving them an option to contact you are giving them a sense of power.

Also, they would know that you are bold enough to accept comments and held accountable. It will help you in identifying problems and can also open doors for a lot of opportunities.

‘Media’ – build your credibility

Press page is one page which can play a very important role in building your credibility. This is a good way to show other people what people have written about you. Reader will often judge you on others opinions so having a press page is a great way to let people know if anything has been published about you.

‘Disclaimer’ – giving Importance to transparency

In order to build a trust factor between you and your readers, you need to have a disclaimer page. This should be solely for the purpose to share with your reader what you are able to make out of your blog. Anything that you want to convey to your reader should be posted in disclaimer page.

‘Help’ – guide your readers

The best thing about this page is that it will take away a lot of burden from you. Whenever it comes to a new site or blog, you will always find confused readers. In order to help them, you need to have a help or FAQ page so that you do not have to answer the same question again and again. People should be able to find answers to their queries instantly from that page. Also, your FAQs page should be linked with your contact page so that if anyone does not get his answer, he should be able to contact your from there.

‘RSS’ – keep readers coming

Most of the readers are not aware of RSS term and they keep on looking for ways to subscribe. You need to have separate page through which people should be able to subscribe to your blog. You need to keep things simple and easy for your readers so use layman terms for them to understand. Dedicate a page to easy subscription of your blog.

‘Advertise With Us’ – opportunities to advertise

You must have an ‘Advertise with us’ page so that you can welcome people who are willing to advertise with you. This is a great way to grab attention of the people who are looking for blogs to advertise and this page would give them an easy way to access you and find out if your blog is the right choice for them.

‘Compilation’ – chain the readers to your content

There could be nothing better and convenient for users to find a page where they can view the entire series of postings. This will save their time and efforts and they will appreciate the fact that you have made an effort to make a compilation page.

‘Referrals’ – spread the word about you

You need to have a page for an affiliate program as it is better to promote a product through a proper page rather than providing a link with every article or post.

‘Our Services’ – selling your services

If you are offering any services, for instance printing services or your company designs flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets and calendars etc, then your blog should have a separate page dedicated to it. The ‘Our Services’ should have every detail of what you services are offered by you. This is the best way to tell people about your services in detail. If you will mention about your services with articles randomly, not everyone might be able to know about your services. So, a separate page on blog for your services can be of great help to people.

‘Testimonials’ – let others vouch for your quality

A lot of people take time to trust people online. If you an eCommerce website or if you are selling something through your blog, you will have to develop your credibility first. In order to develop your credibility, you need to put a separate testimonials page on your blog.

‘Archives’ – so the readers don’t miss anything

People would love to read your previous posts if they like the current content of your blog. This is exactly why you should have a page dedicate to archives of your blog. People should be easily able to find your previous posting. You can categorize them weekly, monthly or date wise. It is entirely up to you. Provide a complete and separate page of archives to your readers.

Final Thoughts

There can be a lot of other pages which bloggers should consider adding to their blogs. The types of pages you add to your blog should be totally up to you. However, every page should prove to be an enhancement in your blog and it should be for readers’ convenience. Always keep in mind that your blog should serve its purpose and mostly blogs are designed to provide information to readers. Add as many pages as you want in your blog but make sure you do not overdo it. Any page or post in your blog should have a purpose and it should make sense to the visitors.

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