In this week’s question time I talk about what you can do if your client dislikes your design work, what you can try to avoid back pain while working at your computer and whether it’s a good idea to label yourself as a Freelance Designer.

This week’s questions

Have you ever had a client that didn’t like the designs you submitted or could not grasp why you used a certain design element despite your efforts to explain to them your reasons? And if so, how do you deal with such a situation?

Could you say something clever about work position? I tend to get a back pain and lean in on my 27″ screen, even though it should be big enough (and I don’t need glasses). I am especially interested in work positions when using a Wacom.

When you were doing more client work, did you call yourself a ‘Freelance Designer’? I have heard many different opinions about labelling yourself as a ‘freelancer’, just curious =]

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