Photography has become an important part of our life. Photography gives us an opportunity to capture the best moment of our lives and relive them by watching them whenever we want to. In order to become a photographer one must have the cunning skill to capture the winning shots which is not an easy task. Not everyone can become a photographer because in order to be one you need to have a sharp eye for capturing the moments are worth reliving. If you really want to become a photographer, you should take a part in photography competition in order to know more about yourself as a photographer. Plus, if you get recognition, nothing can be better to boost your morale. Perfect photographs can be used in websites, booklet printing, rack card printing and so much more.

It is not easy to capture someone’s attention merely by a photographer. A best photographer is someone who can not only capture a beautiful moment but his picture should depict the entire story behind that moment. So capturing that one winning shot is never easy unless you learn how to do it. Some people are naturally talented with photography but some will learn with the passage of time. If you are actually planning to participate in a competition, you must be aware of the theme, rules and regulations of the competition. It is important to keep the theme in mind because if you fail to understand the actual theme, you might lose the entire essence of the competition regardless of the fact if you have taken the best pictures.

Following are a few special elements that should be a part of your photography in order for you to get a winning shot:

1. Element of Impact

You must have heard of the phrase that first impression is the last impression so while taking a photograph you should keep in mind that it should make that impact on the viewer which is required. Photography has a lot to do with emotions and you need to capture the emotions of people with your photography. If people can relate to your photography, there is nothing better than this. Being able to capture something in a click which people can relate to is an achievement in itself. You need to capture and control the attention of the viewer so your photography should have a huge impact on the viewer.

2. Element of Composition

You are a good photographer is you can bring out the idea of original image through your composition. Image compositions are mostly according to one’s own thoughts. The key to success here is to be original and to avoid cliches. First of all you need to be clear of what you really want to say through your photography because only then you will be able to do composition in a better way. Always remember that composition should be effecting and not everyone would find it pleasing. Some people can rather found it disturbing as well. Your basic purpose here is to attract the attention of your viewer.

3. Element of Lighting

A perfect image has a lot to do with a perfect lighting. Lighting is one thing which brings exposures to your image and it helps an image to stand out among the rest. You need to learn to use the lighting in a proper way so that your photography can be enhanced in a beautiful way. You must be well informed about the different qualities of lightnings in order to incorporate them into your photography. Also, excessive light will wash away your picture and you will be able to see only light so normal usage of lighting is way too important.

Also, if you will use too little light, people will hardly be able to see anything because of the dark so keeping a balance is necessary. To enhance the detail, shape and texture of your image, use lighting in a proper way.

4. Element of Best Technique

Understanding the techniques of capturing a perfect moment is very important. Judges will judge you on the method of your photography so you need to come up with an artistic method and it should not be a usual picture. Give judges something unique, new and different to witness. You need to be aware of the right moments, perfect lighting, good colors and other important elements to be able to capture the perfect image. It might seem too much of work, but while at it, you will go with the flow.

5. Element of Crunchy Creativity

A single photo can show judges your capability of being creative. The whole concept behind your image should be original and should not be a copy of any other photographer or theme. If you are able to convey a great message through your image, you have manages to prove yourself as a successful and creative photographer.

6. Element of Color Balance

Colors are an important part of life but have you ever notices that colors look great only when they are in proper balance. Color scheme of your photography should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye. In order to bring the dramatic effect, you need to use a good color combination.

7. Element of Sensuality and Style

Your style of photography is a very personal thing. Every photographer has its own style of capturing images. However, if you are in a competition your style depends a lot on the theme.* Yet, you should bring a touch of your own sensuality in the competition.

8. Element of Technical Perfection

Technicalities are an important part of photography. You need to double check the quality, lighting, coloring and other technical fields of photography to make sure that your image is a picture perfect image. The quality of the physical print is also very important as a bad quality can destroy the entire image of your picture.

9. Element of ‘Picture-worth-thousand-words’

An image is a perfect way to tell a story and if you have managed to convey a story through your photography you have won the competition. As I said in the beginning, every image has a story and a moment behind it and the photographer needs to make that image self explanatory. If you are able to do this, you are a great photographer.

10. Element of Presentation

Either it’s a photograph of the design of brochures, business cards, flyers or posters, the presentation of your work matters a lot as a designer. The final result of your picture depends a lot on picture presentation; therefore you need to make your image picture perfect. A good negative or digital file is just the beginning towards a classy picture. You must be very careful about the correct exposure before printing it. If you best picture is in black and white you should go for Matt finish as it will enhance the beauty of your image. Glossy prints are good as well but they are not very visible if seen in bright light.

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