If you’ve been around the web for awhile as a designer, developer, or blogger, you know the importance of building connections with your audience and potential clients. *While you may not get clients instantly, over time, through word of mouth and referrals, your business will find more and more people interested in your services.

One of the most powerful techniques used is email marketing. *Large sites such as Envato, TemplateMonster and others use email marketing to keep their readers informed, as well as advertise products and services on their websites. *But, you don’t have to be a large company to find value in email marketing. *Many small businesses and even freelancers use newsletters to let their clients know about free plugins or changes in services that they offer.

Building an email list isn’t always as easy as it sounds. *With the amount of spam on the internet growing, and users becoming more hesitant about releasing their email address to people they don’t know, and users also less inclined to read every email they get, it’s important to build a personalized relationship with your readers and also give them something in return for subscribing to your email list.

Using opt-in gifts is a great way to do this, but why stop at just giving away one free item and calling it a day? *One of my close friends recently released a plugin called List Eruption, which allows you to build your list faster than ever before. *Basically, when a user signs up to your list, you can give them a free web template, ebook or other reward. *Then, you can give them a referral link from List Eruption, and if they refer 1 friend, you can give them another gift. *Again for 5 friends, 10 friends, etc.

That way, the referral word of mouth growth is huge, but you’re also giving your users rewards for simply connecting with you. *Anyways, I found that this was a rather genius plugin, although it is a paid plugin, you can easily make the money back using email marketing.

I’m not being paid to promote this product and I’m not using a referral link, because I don’t particularly care for people who promote lame products just to earn money. *But I thought PresidiaCreative readers might find this particular plugin useful and wouldn’t hear about it otherwise.