In this week’s question time I talk about how you can find new clients on the Internet; what the best application is for designing logos; whether I’m right or left handed; if there’s still room for new designers in this saturated industry; and why I don’t make video tutorials.

This week’s questions

  • I am finding it hard getting myself out there too the local public. I’ve tried finding clients via the internet but it is far too competitive. How can I help myself?
  • What would be the best program for logo design? Illustrator vs Photoshop or others?
  • Hey Chris! I always wondered if you were left or right handed?
  • Would you say there’s room for new graphic designers in the business? With the vast amount of designers out there, I do worry that maybe there isn’t ‘room’ to get noticed anymore. What is your opinion?
  • Hey yo! I like all your art work and tutorials. It is so cool man, can you make video tutorials? PLZZZZ

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