When ever we start work on Poster designs we must brainstorming for professional poster design and think about possibilities, like latest options, trend follower, grunge backgrounds, typographic techniques and Photo Manipulation also helping as best creative example. We listing some famous designers portfolio for better inspiration about Poster designs and Print Media techniques.

Our article is aimed to inspire you with some great examples of well designed posters and creative graphic design skill set of professionals, Much like viewing designs of postcards, seeing posters from someone’s portfolio can inspire creativity. hope you will like these of all and share your personal experience as comment.


PROJECT BY: Konstantin Datz

Earnest – Seryo Poster Study 2

by green-tea

Raccoon Designs Poster

by raccoondesigns

Poster Designs 04

by ceylanozdemir

Thinking Around – Typographyc Posters

PROJECT BY: Mauro HernŠndez

Melancoloric (Poster Designs)

PROJECT BY: Ruben Cůrdoba Schwaneberg

Poster Designs 04

by ceylanozdemir

Techtotems for hedraGods (Poster Design)

PROJECT BY: Ruben Cůrdoba Schwaneberg

All School Art – Poster

by Luis-Felipe

Titanic Monster Beast Poster

by strongstuff


by Kemys

Steampunk Fashion Show Poster

by StarsingerSaathi

Milk Carton Prospectus

PROJECT BY: Jason Rubino

Adobe User Group XL


New Prints May 2010

PROJECT BY: Simon Page

I have finally released some of my typography work:

A selection of The Typography Years prints:

Simple Life Series:

2001 A Space Odyssey series:

CUBEN series:

Beyond the international year of Astronomy series:

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