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    Default Request from Looking123

    Hey Danger, read your reply so doing what you asked and reposting my rendition idea for the new Rosarita picture: Ok well to expand on the idea...basically the position she is rendered in now doesn't move except for a few things that I'll explain below. The main thing that does move however is the POV we are looking at her in. In this we are looking at her from side/back, in the pic in my head the POV moves like 90 degrees to the left, so that we are then looking at her from the direct front. With this new angle what changes with her are three things, the positions of both her arms and head (looking over her shoulder in this pic would make little sense XD). Her head is turned facing front (towards camera obviously), and her arms are repositioned in strategic places for subtle censorship (if required). For example her right arm is pulled in slightly towards her chest, with her forearm pulled up to be perpendicular to the floor. This would cause her forearm to only JUST cover her right breast (or rather the part that would need censorship), with the gun (facing us length wise) covering a potion of the right side of her face and eye (much like her hair is in this render). Her left arm is kinda doing the opposite as her right. It too is pulled in towards her chest (you guessed it to cover her other breast), but her forearm is extended downward covering a small portion of her stomach. The second gun however is the brilliance of the idea, where she has the tip of the barrel touching the ground between her legs (the gun is positioned facing us on it's side) and is "miraculously" covering the naughtiest of her naughty bits. I haven't read/watched black lagoon so I don't know her personality. But as far as the expression, it can stay the same, or if she is a bit of a sadist she can be leaning in towards the gun near her face and licking the barrel or something. And if THAT explanation is too crappy for you to follow (I tell you it is difficult to write in words a complex position of a body), then I have another (easier) render. Basically similar to the one I just gave you, but instead BOTH arms do a "V" down her body, with her guns crisscrossing before touching the ground (once again censoring the best bits.) And if you don't need to censor this (or at least the breasts) then don't XD

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    Censor? I don't think we know the meaning of that word here.

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