It has been a while but Question Time is back! In this week’s video I go for a low-fi approach using my Mac’s built in iSight camera. I pulled out a series of questions from the last video, so here we go!


<divclass="video"> </div>This week’s questions

  • What’s the most fun you’ve had on a project and why?
  • How often and when do you start paying for plugins for WordPress, galleries, jQuery code and so on?
  • What education establishments (college/uni) would you suggest for someone with no qualifications in art and design?
  • Do you deal with your own accounting or do you get another company to do it?

I want to know what you think to the Question Time video series. Do enjoy them more than my usual list of news links and would you like to see just questions or a mini news section in the video?

In other news, I recently set up a special YouTube channel for my new found hobby of Call of Duty Black Ops gameplay commentary. It isn’t design related but I’m sure there’s a few of you out there who might be interested. Check it out and subscribe at <ahref="">