Adding images from your gallery has never been easier. In the past we had to copy and paste links or add image tags to a post in order to show the image on the post. Yes it was a bit of work before you can actually make your post. Now it's even easier as we have added a modification on our editor tools that make this very simple to post images directly from your gallery. Now this will not work for images you did not post so you will still have the copy and paste scenario, but it is a breeze to review and post your own images.

How does it work? Simple! When you are making a regular post or an advanced post, look in the tool bar for this icon and click on it. This will open up a pop-up window displaying all the images you have in your gallery as thumbnails. The default setting is for the "vBGallery" and "Thumbnail, linked to original" and it works best for posts. Now you can simply look for the single image or images you want to add into your post and just click on them to insert them. The end result will be clickable thumbnails in your posts that readers can click on to view the full image. Below is an example of what your post will look like so you can see the nice clean format that readers can easily click on:

To delete or add additional posts is also very simple. All you have to do is select the thumbnails you want to remove and delete them. For adding images in other areas, simply put the cursor where you want the image to appear an then click on the thumb from your gallery window to add it.

If you run into trouble with this just reply here or please make a post in the Support Forum. If your browser is showing an error then please also try to describe the error or post screenshots of them.