Welcome to FFG sub-forum, where fun is for fans, and fans create more fun Well... that didn't come out very well...
No, we are not trying to micromanage you by telling how to play games or what games to play
We would just like to remind you that rules of the forum apply here as well. Games are made to be fun, not insulting. Therefore, any infractions would be punished just as they would be in other parts of Animexhibit Forums.

That's pretty much it. Feel free to start any games

Please, keep in mind that the current construction of the FFG sub-forum is tentative... if during the course of development of the forum we decide to separate games by shows (e.g. a Naruto text quest will be in Naruto division, while Bleach will have Bleach-related games only...) - we will notify everybody, and no games will be lost, they will simply be moved. But for that to happen, we will need to see quite a lot of gaming threads dedicated to different shows... as for now, you may indicate which show the game is for by, for example, putting [show name] in front of the name of the thread.
If you have any questions, please PM the staff (including me, of course).