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    Info Green FTP Image Uploading

    Hello Members!

    We now have FTP access available for our active members to make uploading images much easier than using the web interface. This would allow for you to mas-upload hundreds of images if you wish and later categorize them in your gallery. Please note that this is a requested member privilege and you cannot abuse it buy uploading anything other than images in the acceptable formats. The directory is always purged after you have edited your images anyway. In this section we will outline how this is done and the recommended tools you should use.

    Now as many of you know, you will have to have an FTP client program to use this feature. Some of you may already have one and know how to use it. For those who don't, we recommend the open-source WinSCP FTP client which is easy to setup and use. To begin, you can download the free WINSCP FTP Client at: WinSCP :: Download. If you already have your own FTP client then feel free to skip through this section..

    On the download page, click on the "Installable" WinSCP Latest Package to download.

    If Download does not start on it's own then click on the direct link to force the download.

    When the download Window opens on your desktop, click on save to download the program to a folder of your choice

    After download is complete, find the downloaded file winscp425setup.exe and double click to start the installation.

    1. This is the first screen you should see and just click next.

    2. On the second screen select Typical Installation

    3. On the 3rd screen it will ask about installing WeFI. Don't bother with WeFi as a part of the installation and just click next.

    4. On the 4th screen, you have the choice of the Commander or Explorer interface. We recommend the Explorer

    5. Now on the 5th screen you would have finished selecting all your options and are ready to proceed with the install. Just click next.

    6. On the last screen check the "launch winscp" box and click finish

    Now in the WinSCP screen you are going to setup the account information that we will send to you via your PM message box. The credentials are generated for us via secure server and will supply access to your personal gallery upload folder. When you make these settings, it can be stored so you don't have to remember them each time and simply drag-and-drop images right into your folder. So here is how you setup the interface for your account.

    1. As the WinSCP program is now open after installation you will see this screen:

    This is where the credentials will be entered that we sent you in your private message box.

    2. In the hostname field you will enter sftp.animexhibit.com
    3. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate boxes and you can copy and paste if you wish
    4. For the File Protocol click on the dropdown and select FTP. This will set the port and gray out the private key file area.
    5. You can now save the session information with your password if you wish. The program will not recommend it but we use it that way all the time for convenience. Now every time you open the program and select the profile, it will take you right you your upload folder.

    Once you have finished this step, log into your account and you will see the following window:

    You can simply drag-and-drop image files right into this folder. When you are finished uploading, go back to the gallery and open your upload screen. Here you are going to do the same process of a regular upload, except you are going to check the box at the bottom of the screen, then submit.

    On the next page you will see all the images you have uploaded. Once you have titled them and given descriptions and keywords, you can submit and they will be inserted into your gallery. Keep in mind that once you have done this, all images from your upload folder will be purged so you can upload new ones into a clean folder.

    Ok that's it. If you have any questions, post them here. If you want to request an FTP account just post it here and one will be made for you. If you run into any problems then post in the Forum Problems area.
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