Welcome artists and visiting members. Please note that this section is meant for artists to post their work and gather feedback from members of the community. The area is meant for artist to improve their ability or gather new ideas on how to improve their current art piece or style. Members are encouraged to view and post not just to support the artist but to also give them honest feedback on their work.
Rules are simple and we already know that everyone here are always respectful in this regard:

1. The artist will create a thread for their own work and feedback
2. All art work is to be posted in the Gallery section and linked here.
3. All art work linked into the artist thread is to be linked into a spoiler with proper warning. Please see example below:
Gaara Gettin Some - 18+ Warning:

Example from Nihane-Chan's Gallery

If you're not sure how this was posted? On the menu bar for the advanced editor, click on the spoiler button and you edit the first spoiler tag .[SPOILER] to look like [SPOILER=Gaara Gettin Some - 18+ Warning]. Then place your cursor between the spoiler tags and click on the insert picture button to add your picture within the spoiler. Make sure you copied the link to your picture from the gallery before this. If this is too difficult the simply add your warning somewhere in your description.
4. Be honest with the artist on what you feel about their work
5. Do not flame the work posted even if it happens to be of something you do not like or a pairing you do not approve of.
6. Try to encourage the artist and not rip them a new one.

Have fun!