I suppose I should get to work on a happy "Higu" piece. Meh, eventually. For now there is much more fun to be had with the emotion of the show

If you’d notice, those days when we laughed and cried
Have been so scattered that they can’t be restored

Only the sadness and pain
That only come from a lie over another lie
Even if we forget about the cicadas and scent of summer that dangle after
We can’t erase them

The vanishing place is being dyed red
Before we know it, the approaching sound stirs up

Only my memories that were cleaved apart
Shine unchanged
And within the bewailing of this dusk
Even if I destroy them, they remain

They are being pulled off and turning invisible-
Sadness and even pain, too
Ah, even if we’re to lose the cicadas and scent of summer still
They won’t disappear