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    Default Seize A Miracle

    Yes, it is Mangarya. I said it gave me a lot of inspiration lol

    Gently binding the pieces together
    I found a very wonderful answer
    It’s how to walk to a tomorrow where everyone can be laughing

    There are still plenty of insufficient things
    But if that’s so
    I should recover them from now on and tomorrow will continue on

    To the place where all living creatures, great and small
    Are happy and no one sheds tears
    I’ll show you that I’ll make my way there; the very act of believing so
    Will turn into the power to seize a miracle

    I started to give up and cry again and again
    I started to get discouraged again and again, nevertheless
    Because it’s the future that I finally gained while I was troubled, while I was lost—

    So that I won’t ever lose it again or part with it anymore
    Even in the fall, winter, and spring on the other side of this summer
    Even when the time when cicadas cry visits again
    I want to pass time like this forever

    I want to tell you that
    "Everyone truly has lots of rights to be happy at anytime"
    So spread out your hands again—

    On some other day, I couldn’t save you in a distant world somewhere
    But I still wanted to hold hands together with you
    I don’t need a world in which someone may not exist
    Let’s go toward the ordinary days with everyone here

    What are you doing now, at what place?
    We’re waiting for you here
    Indeed this time, let’s become happy with everyone
    Binding together the hearts, only one by one and nothing more
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    Inspired by Higurashi?
    http://forum.animexhibit.com/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=154&dateline=12565891  83

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    Answered your question in the first post Mangarya. I thought it would be obvious, as over half of these pieces are inspired by it

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