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    Default The Science Behind Naruto's relationship with Hinata (First Contest Winner!)

    Not sure if this was the intended spot to post but here goes...

    At this time I would like to submit the following article not so much as an entry for this contest but to state scientific facts for others to utilize as a guideline for their entries. The topic “Naruto's relationship with Hinata” is one that cannot be looked upon likely as not everyone who is familiar with the manga/anime story will have the necessary details to prepare an accurate opinion on this situation.

    We have all seen and witnessed the ongoing gridlock relationship between both characters since the beginning of the story. It involves a one way infatuation with the attraction Hinata has for Naruto. Equally Naruto acknowledges this relationship that can be best described as comradeship rather than romantic interest. Unforeseen by most is that this is the biological limit that Naruto can possibly ever produce towards Hinata or any other female for that matter. Instances of proclaimed attraction towards Sakura can be described as a hoax at best, and done mainly for social acceptance. At no point was the intention of expressing romantic interest a possibility for this instance or any other seen within manga or anime. The biological condition is at fault for this and it is time that others became aware of Naruto’s undisclosed gender challenging circumstance.

    Although the character has not shown any hint or visible signs of his condition, it is evident that Naruto suffers from a rare disease know an L.C.L or better known in the anime scientific community from it’s Latin term “Lovem-Cocksem-Lotsem”. It is a very rare biological and highly contagious condition that occurs in every 1 to 100 male Naruto characters. Although it is not terminal, it does have later biological and psychosocial development. From the biological standpoint, the internal anatomy undergoes a time based transformation that leads to the direct loss of the higher brain functions. It begins from the base of the colon and mutates it’s extent up along the spinal column to finally rest at the base of the cranial cavity. Flow from the rectum is then alternated from it’s normal physical extraction point to the newly developed route. The end result is the subject’s protective brain fluids are replaced with human feces. Once the brain becomes engulfed in the waste matter from the subject’s anatomy, the result produces a condition referred to as S.B.S, or also known from Latin description “Shitsum-Brainum-Stinkum”. This has adverse effects on the subject’s social abilities and directly towards their attraction of the opposite sex. Although they are fully aware there is an issue, the subject will attempt to appear as though they do have desires for the opposite sex, but are overwhelmed subconsciencly for same sex relationships. In Naruto’s case, his uncontrollable infatuation for the character Sasuke is the evidence to support this observation in his behavior.

    It is the duty of the Anime Scientific Institution to present these facts for this very contest, and to ensure that all hopeful submissions for this contest are aware from a fictional standpoint as to why Naruto's relationship with Hinata can biologically never be.

    Word Count - 508
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