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    Default Infernum: A Villain Song for Salaruis

    A Villian/Image Song for Salaruis

    I lament in Hell, this Inferno
    Though I have not sinned

    (Mea Culpa)

    Why God, must I be punished?
    I have done nothing wrong
    so why must I burn in this inferno?

    (Mea maxima Culpa)

    Hellfire burns beneath my skin
    I cry in pain, oh god please end me
    you do not answer god, so why must I burn?

    (Kyrie Eleison)

    I see now God,
    I have not sinned,
    but your children have sinned me
    Man condemned me here,
    but why God must they get away with their actions?

    (Quare Deus)

    I see now what I must do
    Sin is my only escape
    From my burning pain
    Death is no Option (Though I Beg for it)
    Oh God Why? Must I be condemned
    To such horrendus Fate?

    (Kyrie Eleison)

    I see now, God
    What, must be done
    I walk the ruined Highway
    Corpses line its broken path
    Others follow me,
    Both Sinners and the Sinned
    Side by side we march
    All of us
    Each scorned by your children

    (Saevum Iram et Dolurum)

    The drums of war sound
    Crys for justice
    Crys for Freedom
    Crys for Vengeance roar behind me
    Answer us God, why must we suffer
    In this Inferno?

    (Quare Deus)

    I see what I must do
    God, your children shall burn
    and mine shall rise from the ashes
    God, why do you force me to commit such sin?
    I see now what I must do
    God, your children shall burn
    ... but so shall you.

    (Deus vadum exuro)

    We shall rise from this Inferno
    I Am their Leader
    I am Lucifer, Lord of Hell
    I am Azathoth, god of chaos
    I am the Inferno you condemned me to, god.
    I am become death, destroyer of worlds

    (Optimus Invado)

    The slaves will become the masters
    in the land of do as you please
    We shall rise....

    ...And God....

    ...You Shall Burn...

    (Abyssus orior oriri ortus)

    (Hail Novus Deus, Salaruis)

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    I am... speechless.

    God, your children shall burn
    ... but so shall you.

    But so shall you, m****rf**ker, so shall you.
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