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    I have never wrote anything like this, so it probably can’t qualify as readable. XD At best it is very childish. I tried to learn from Torkuitsu works, but in the end, I really am just my own random self. This is inspired by „Berserk“.

    Notes on the verses. Can contain some spoilers.

    1) The crapsack world of „Berserk“, where people needed a reason for their suffering and the Idea Of Evil was born. And made the life even more miserable. I changed the word „life“ with „evil“ as life is the natural component of world, evil of Apostles' is not.
    2) Humans, ignorant of what they had created, what evil existed. God Hands and apostles looking down at us like we look at ants.
    3) What will you do with this suffering? Only way is to fight it, like Guts.
    4) Human evil is what affects the world. But there are good humans, who fight it.
    5) If humans want even the slightest hope, a slightest chance to change end the massive suffering, they have to fight. Even if there is no hope, fight it, like Guts during Eclipse. Light the hope with your actions, with your will to fight. The hell is inspired by Flora's words that God Hands live in some dimension, but also metaphor of fighting evil will also mean sinking deeper into the abyss like Guts' berserker side.
    6) Fight the evil, even if it threatens to consume you. Just keep going. And in the end you might win. Maybe. But if you do not fight, there will not be even that extremely small chance. I did try to make it more hopeless, but it still turned out too optimistic.

    The world, the evil, the death
    The cycle of suffering
    It goes, forever, never stopping
    We humans, we wished it

    We live, weak and pathetic
    We live, like ants, ignorant
    They look us, like humans, arrogant
    They crush us, strong and ruthless

    We wished it, we wanted it
    When will it stop, what do we do
    Nothing changes if we stay the same
    Fight, suffer, stand up and fight

    This is what it is to be
    To be human, weak and evil
    Yet we can stand
    Stand and fight

    If we want hope
    We have to fight for it
    Light it, never let the fire die
    Have it guide us to hell

    Fight it, fight the hell
    Hold it, hold the hope
    Stand up, don’t fall
    There may be a chance
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    I am very honoured.
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